1. How to order on our website?
Search our website or scan our QR-code, select or search your items and the quantities, to checkout click on the cart, check and confirmed your cart, input your personal details, confirmed your details and click delivery, we will call you to confirm your order.

2. How to order on the phone?
Call us by our phone number, our costumer service team will assist you.

3. How to order on social media platforms?
Contact us by messaging on our social media platforms, our costumer service team will assist you.

4. How to order abroad?
You can order on our website or on our social media platforms. On website: choose your items and checkout( see 1), you need to input your own name, phone number and the recipient address. We will contact you to confirm your order. By social media platforms,  our customer service team will assist you.

5. Our payment policy
We request all our customers to pay by cash(no change) , swipe, credit card or online payment. We only accept the payment method mentioned above. Online payment needs to send us a proof of payment on our contact channels before delivery. Cash, swipe and credit card payment happens when we arrive at your location.

6.Our delivery policy
After confirmation of your order by us, we will deliver the order to you within 2 to 3 hours. Payment will be made at door after you confirm your delivery and the content. No claim can be made after your payment.

7. Our return policy
We don’t accept any claim after your delivery confirmation except the product are damaged or expired before delivery. The product delivered isn’t the descripted one on the receipt or the order. If you have any other questions please contact us.

8. Our office and delivery time policy
Our office is open at 8:30am to 18:00pm non-stop 6 days a week. Our delivery will begin at 9:00am to 18:00pm non-stop 6 days a week. You can call us during office time, you can message us anytime and we will reply during office time. You can order anytime on our website and we will confirm and process your order during office time and delivered during delivery time.


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